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Zero Upfront, Pure Results

We're changing how top-tier talent is discovered and hired in Kansas City. Leveraging a network of over 3,000 VPs and CXOs. We connect businesses with industry-leading professionals through referrals that matter, ensuring a match that drives success. Unlike traditional search models, our commitment is to tangible results with zero upfront costs — you only pay when we deliver at a rate of just 20% of the base salary. Choose us for a partnership where integrity, transparency, and your company's future are at the heart of every search.

Our Process

Client Friendly Terms

Unlocking Value, Ensuring Success

Pay on Success: Only pay if you hire, avoiding upfront fees.

Competitive Fee Structure: Just 20% of base salary, not 30% of total compensation.

Flexible Agreements: Cancel anytime, no lock-in frustrations.

Rapid Shortlist Delivery: Candidates within 15 days, no added cost.

Candidate Rights Reserved: Keep your shortlist, no strings attached.

180-Day Guarantee: Free replacement for early departures.

Career Insurance:  Access our executive network with us for your next job. 

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