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Precise Pay for Hiring and Retention


We use LaborIQ’s ATILA® Technology to deliver precise compensation data by applying artificial intelligence and advanced data science methods to our data-intake processes. Market-driven wage answers are delivered through expert curation of 18 trillion data points validated against 8.6 million company pay stubs. Click for a Complementary Salary Report. 

Want a comprehensive assessment of your compensation needs? We refer you to HUB’s Compensation Practice, the #1 world's largest private insurance broker.

Want to know salary by position for the KC market, click for Executive Pay, Director Level Pay, Manager Level Pay, Accounting and Finance, Banking, Construction, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Marketing and Sales, Media and Entertainment, Non-Profit, Scientist and Engineers and Skill Trade

LaborIQ’s ATILA® Technology

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Complementary Salary Report

Complementary Salary Report
Receive Report in 3 Business Days
Email with the below data 

  • What is Your Metro Pay City (*)

  • What is Your Title  (*)

  • How Many Years Experience  (*)

  • How Many Employees Work at Your Company?

  • What is the Revenue of Your Company?

  • What Sector or Industry is Your Company?

                                                 (*) Mandatory Data

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