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IT BusinessTechnology Executive 


Interested? Email and please attach your resume. 


About Client

Is a leading manufacturing company in the Kansas City metro area and the leader in its niche offering in the logistics and transportation sector. Leadership knows technology is the main driver to sustain excellence and seeks an IT Business Technological Executive with a strong blend of strategy and functional expertise.


The Purpose

This leadership role is three prongs; (1) Have a seat at the table to determine strategy and provide the technical expertise and counsel to help achieve, (2) Develop short- and long-term strategies related to the organization's information assets, and (3) Oversee the elements of App Dev, Infra, Security, Data, etc., function together with little to no disruption.


Your Responsibilities

  • Developing policies overseeing information security and business continuance.

  • Evaluates existing business technology resources and recommend new technologies or upgrades/enhancements to existing technologies to improve business performance.

  • Be a liaison between end-users and development teams, ensuring that technology is installed or configured to support business objectives and meet user needs.

  • Develops specifications and oversees configuration and testing.

  • Ensuring the education of the main users of technology.

  • Partnering with functional area leadership, ie., HR, Finance, Ops, Manufacturing, etc., ensuring projects affecting them are achieved. 

  • Hire and develop your staff to meet the current and future needs of the company.

  • Interpret policies, purposes, and goals of the organization to your team.

  • Create and manage a budget effectively. 



  • A bachelor's degree with an MBA is a plus.

  • An inception core expertise of one of the following: Ap Dev, Data, Infra, Security, Analyst, etc., with at least a 13-year career path rising to leadership having oversight of all technical functions.

  • Being part of the decision process and helping execute the implementation of an ERP system.

  • Being part of the decision process and helping execute the implementation of a data center move * transition.

  • Having practical, functional expertise working with and overseeing a Microsoft environment including Active Directory, Azure, Windows, SQL, .NET, etc.

  • Having a solid understanding of network technologies, firewalls, and switches with Cisco knowledge a plus.

  • Know Windows-based applications such as Exchange and Dynamics CRM.

  • Experience in working with VMware virtualization environment

  • Critical thinker with exceptional attention to detail.

  • Solid problem-solving skills.

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