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Pay data for jobs or groups of jobs is based on requests and us posting to this page. We encourage pay requests and will do our best to post them within 48 hours. Send an email to jeff@havensgroupkc.com and give a title and brief description, and we’ll price the job for you. Or seeking pay for a job in multiple pay markets, or a certain sector, or a grouping or comparison of jobs, we can do that too. 


There are zero charges for viewing or asking for compensation data. It’s Free. Gratis. However, we appreciate referrals of firms looking for great talent (and you have a connection)

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CFOs at Various Size Firms
Based on FTE's

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Various Sales and Marketing Executives


Various Financial Executives

Various Operations Executives


ALL Information Tech Positions
Does Not Include Level I (0 to 2 yrs exp) or Level II (2-4 yrs exp)