Economic Performance Indicators

We use LaborIQ® by ThinkWhy to analyze and forecast labor trends for the Kansas City Market area and compare them to 150 other markets. Review the below reports for the Kansas City Metro Market to gain this insight.

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Industry Economic Report 

The LaborIQ Composite Index's relative ranking of the top 150 markets, Kansas City, MO-KS, should be considered the 64th healthiest market in the country.

Occupation Report

Knowing a forecasted occupation’s supply, growth, and wage demands in a given metro, identifies new hire budgeting and recruitment strategies to support resource allocation.

Ranking by City Report

Aggregating LaborIQ 10 key performance metrics to form a comprehensive picture emerges for identifying target markets or the health of a current metro relative to others in the country.

Diversity Report

Components of population change, current and forecasted, allow businesses to identify challenges in labor supply for diversity recruiting and hiring. 

Recovery Tracker Report

LaborIQ® projects the economy will recover all jobs lost to the pandemic in 2022. However, job gains and growth may vary significantly based on location and industry. .