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Becoming an Independent Freight Agent Broker



Is This You? 

You are a W-2 salesperson. Are you tired of your employer getting rich from sweat and hard work?  Do you spend time doing time-sucking reports and attending useless meetings? Are you curious how we can triple your earnings to provide for your family to live the kind of lifestyle you want? Do you want to be associated with the best freight company in the country? If so, keep on reading. 




Welcome to Tallgrass Freight ( 

W-2 salespeople who become independent agents for Tallgrass, on average, triple their earnings. Several of our agents produce over $1 million or more in gross margin.  Those who do, are rewarded with a once-in-a-lifetime trip for two anywhere in the world. Leaving your W-2 sales job is a big decision. Not everyone has the guts to bet on themselves. Read on if you think you have what it takes to be your boss and call your shots. 



Is Becoming an Independent Agent Broker Right for You?

So, straight from our freight experts, welcome to our guide to finding the right freight agent program. We cover compensation, company culture, success and stability,  technology, continuing education, agent development, and back-office support. 




How Much Money Can You Make?

 Unlike other freight brokerages, which have overly complex or constantly changing compensation models, we give you the resources and tools designed to empower you to thrive and succeed. We're passionate about investing in our agents as entrepreneurs and helping them grow their books of business, so they can truly earn what they deserve. 





Interested in Becoming a Freight Agent for Tallgrass?

Do you want to be associated with the best freight company in the country?  In that case, we'd love to set up a quick 15 min conversation to see where it leads by emailing or or kelsey@havensgroupkc.comOnce we get your email, we will set up a time for a casual, friendly chat. 



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